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Keep That Train a Rollin’

Hi Brendan,

Today was a hard but awesome day for you.  I am still amazed for how courageous you have been during the past two years.  Now the road is cleared so you can move on to a new chapter in your life.  I look forward to seeing life returning to normal for you and your family.

It was a great surprise after today’s surgery you were able to talk to me tonight.  I was thinking I would just get an update from your mom.  It sounds like everything went well. Everyone that I talk with sends their love and wishes for a quick recovery.

I love all this positive news during the past few weeks.  Chemo…done! Port and g-tube..gone!  2 years cancer free…yea!  Pajama day in your honor…awesome!  We need to keep that train a rollin’.

Remember, we need to plan a night to head out to dinner to celebrate as soon as you feel up to it.




Another snow day,YAY!!

Glad you were able to run with all this snow!! Today was a snow day for me but also another day in the JFC (Jimmy Fund Clinic) to start yet another chemo cycle.  On the upside of staring another chemo cycle, it means i’m one more cycle closer to finishing my protocol. I didn’t actually start my chemo today like I usually would because I go in for a quick surgery in the morning to get an intrathecal chemo treatment into my spinal colum to help make sure no cancer cells devolop here or in my brain.

Tomorrow I will arrive at the JFC @ 8:00, Get my port accessed, have my vitals done, have emla applied to my lower back, be put under with ansthesia, then they will do a lumbar puncture (spinal) and give Hydrocortisone, Methotrexate, and Cytarabine into the spinal fluid. Then, once I wake up they will give me my Vincristine. And if ALL that isn’t enough, I start back on my oral Chemo at home later tomorrow night for the next 14 days! PLUS my Steroids start up again!!

So it’s a big, busy day for me tomorrow (one that will be repeated again in 9 weeks..) but I will post again tomorrow.

I’m really excited your running for me and we can”t wait to meet you!!!!