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Spencer to Boston

Hi Brendan,

How are you feeling?  Hopefully that appetite of yours is starting to kick in finally.  Thank you for the email about Nicole Jacobs.  She said to tell Brendan thanks for remembering!  Nicole will be contacting your mom in the next week or so.

Is Your Heart Breaking?

I am excited that this past week is over.  It was the toughest week of the training season.  I ran 60 miles during the week, something  I’ve never done before.  Except for finding the time to do all that running, it wasn’t too bad.  My muscles, joints, and bones are ready for some tapering but I have one more week before I can easy up.  I think I’ll have 250 miles recorded for the end of this month.  I didn’t think I’d ever run that much.  You are a good inspiration!

I wanted to see how far 60 miles is from Boston, so I Goggled it.   I found and article about a mile marker in Spencer Massachusetts.  This marker is is along the Boston Post road which was laid out by Ben Franklin in 1753 when he was Deputy Post Master General for the Northern Colonies.  He ordered the that the stones be placed to regulate postal rates.  This milestone is inscribed “60 Miles From Boston”  The stone is located just to the west of one of the entry roads to a cemetery.  The stone is a contributing object in the 1767 Milestones Historic District on the National Register of Historic Places.

On Sunday, Nikki and I ran with the L Street Running Club.  The bussed us out the Natick and we ran back to South Boston.  It was a scheduled 20 mile run but Nikki’s plan was to run 22 and I needed 23 miles.  The weather forecast was for the low 40’s with off and on rain showers.  We prepared for the worst.  A few years back, I ran the same course with the same weather conditions (there was a little stronger headwind).  Many of the runners, including myself were close to hyperthermia.  That was something I did not want to repeat.  This time the running gods were kind to us.  The first drops did not fall until the last runner finished.

Both of us had a good run.  It is a real confidence builder, especially for novice runners.  You get to feel the distance, figure out your fueling plan, and practice managing your pace.   Nikki brought her phone with her because she knew with the extra miles added on, she would be one of the last runners on the course.  She did great!  She even took some pictures all the way.

We are all signed up for the Pasta Party.  I can’t wait.  It is so much fun!  The deadline is coming up soon, so in case you haven’t gotten yours yet, remind your mom.

Take care, and I’ll see you in a week or two!



Lions, Tigers and ….Giraffes?

Hey Partner,


Well I’m very glad that the tiger didn’t make you his afternoon snack!   That must have been a bit unnerving.  After that I think I would have told them it’s time to go see the new anteater exhibit, enough with the man-eating animal.   It’s great you got to feed the giraffes.  Your grandmother told all about how much you liked giraffes after I wrote the My Morning Run entry back in January.   How cool was it to be standing next to a creature that tall?   

Are you still eating?  I know how tough it is for you.  Any time you want to head back to Kiku-Yama just let me know.  We’ll get you a pile of the shrimp I saw you digging into on Tuesday night.    I liked that dish too.   I think I’ll be getting next time we go.

I got out for my first run today since March 22.  It went ok.  Slow and steady.  But don’t worry, we will be doing the marathon.  I wouldn’t miss it.  Not even a hungry tiger will stop me.  (Actually it might make me run faster!)  We got 2 weeks; plenty of time. 

I need something really important from you, partner.  I need one of your orange Brendan’s Buddies bracelets.  I’m going to wear it during the marathon. 

I just looked at the clock.  It’s late, so you won’t see this tonight because hopefully you are sleeping.  I hope you are feeling a little better.  I know you got yet another busy day seeing doctors, so I’ll give you a call late in the afternoon to see how you made out.   


Spring Fever








Hi Brendan,

Today was such a beautiful day. I took advantage of it and went out at lunch for a run. I’ve wanted to do some hill work for some time now but the road conditions were bad this winter. I spent the whole time running Beacon Hill. I ran up and down streets like Mt Vernon, Joy, Pinckney and Myrtle, again and again. I think some of the residents outside enjoying the spring like weather must have thought I was either lost or crazy. It was a great workout but now my quads are not to happy with me.

Hope you got to enjoy the nice weather. See you tomorrow!


RM: 4.25
WM: 27.5
TM: 325.5

A Little Foggy






Hi Brendan,

I heard the news from your mom that you are on hold for chemo yet another week. I feel bad that you were not able to start. I know it is frustrating for you. She told me your numbers are looking a lot better and with some luck you should be able to resume your chemo next week.

Your mom also said your CD4 levels were much better than they have been so this means you are good for the DFMC party on Saturday! It should be fun and I’m looking forward to seeing you there. We have a big task ahead of us creating the marathon poster. Just to warn you, I am one of those people who think an 8 Count Crayola box already has too many crayons in it. I know how inventive you are with Legos, so I definitely think you will be the creative lead for our poster design.

I’ve had some trouble getting good quality training runs in lately. I only have 23 miles in this week. So I made sure I got out there this morning….for a spooky run.

Thanks to daylight saving time, the sun doesn’t rise until almost 7am again. When I stepped out of my house, I noticed the dense fog. It seemed thicker due to the darkness from no street lights. I don’t think I could see more than 20 yards in front of me.   Continuing along my way, I could barely see the houses and the sounds of nature seemed to echo of them. Just when I started to realize just how little I could see, I startled some nocturnal creature who then returned the gesture and scared the “you know what” out of me! That surely helped get the blood going.

Once I got on the main road it reminded me of some of the earlier snow covered runs. I had to make sure each of the cars saw me in the fog. I could hear my dad’s voice in my head telling me to get a light to wear while running. I should have listened to him because it would have come in handy this morning. I’ll have to add that to my shopping list.

Toward the end of my run the fog started to lift and the dawn sky started to brighten. Returning to my neighborhood once again, I thought how different it looked. It pretty amazing how quickly things can change for the better.

Hang in there.


RM: 8.25
WM: 23.25
TM:  318.25

Knights of Columbus Charity 5 Miler

Hey Brendan,

How was your weekend?  I am so relieved that your biopsy results from the bone marrow aspiration came back negative.  I’m crossing my fingers next week’s levels will be good enough for you to start chemo again.  I’m sure these past couple of weeks has been rough on you.  Things will start to get better!

I’m looking forward to the Poster Party on Saturday.  It should be a lot of fun. We will have to make sure it is very colorful so I can pick it out easily at Mile 25.  I’m sure having a great big picture of you in the middle of it will help too.  You, think?

Today I ran the Knights of Columbus Charity 5 Miler in Raynham.  I figured I could run the course twice to get at least 10 miles into today. It was a little short of the 14 mile run I was supposed to do with L St, but this week I was pretty sore and tired.  Except for some rain the second time around it was a good run. Here were the results.

I know you be heading back to school after a week off.  I hope it goes well. 


RM: 10.0
WM: 10.0
TM:  305.00

Running Down Hill Was My First Mistake

Hi Brendan,

I’m sorry to hear you have been having a tough time being able to have your chemo treatments.  I talked to your mom on Friday and she said hopefully you will be able to start up again this week.   I planned on coming with you to the JFC on Wednesday, so I’ll call tomorrow to confirm it with her.

I got to run part of the marathon course yesterday.   The met the LSRC for our 20 mile run.  Buses took us to mile 11 in Natick and where we ran back to South Boston.    Even though it’s just another training run, this one is a little more exciting.  The distance is longer and I’m on the course for most of the run which definitely builds anticipation for Marathon Monday.  It also allows me to start figuring out a game plan for the marathon.

Most of the Boston Marathon is running downhill.  It sounds like a good thing but if you don’t pace yourself it can ruin you by the time you get to heart break hill.  I learned that my first year running it.  I ran the first half of the marathon too fast.  I started to tire at the Newton Fire Station and by the time I hit the hills I didn’t have much left in the tank.  Just before mile 25 I stopped running.  My leg muscles started to seize up.  I stood on the side of the road which felt like an eternity as I stared at the Citgo sign.  I thought there was no way I would be able to finish, and just wanted to quit.  I’m not sure how but I started moving, slowly, toward Kenmore Square.  The next mile was the longest mile I have ever run. My legs hurt with every step.  My body kept begging me to stop.  When I got to Hereford St for the final turn on to Boylston St, my calf muscles contracted in to a tight ball and I had to stop yet again.   I stretched the muscle by using the sidewalk curb with only 600 yards to the finish line.  Then with one more mental push I was able to complete the 26.2 miles.

Every marathon isn’t a tragedy like my first Boston.  I’ve learned my best lessons by making mistakes. Two years later I am a smarter runner.   I start slow, watch my pace, drink and fuel along the way, and save myself for Heartbreak Hill.  If I feel good when get to Boston College I know I’ve done a good job managing my run.

I know I owe you some pictures from the cruise (which was a lot of fun!).   After I get them off the camera I’ll email you a few.  Take care and I’ll talk to you tomorrow.


RM: 20.15 (Natick to South Boston)
WM: 20.15
TM:  283.75

Orlando 2

Hi Brendan,

I just wanted to send you quick note from Orlando.  The family and I are having fun.   We are on a bus heading the ship now.  I finally got to run in some beautiful weather yesterday.   It was great!   I ran around and around (and around!) the resort until I got my miles in.  When got back to the room the girls were just waking up.  We spent the day at the Magic Kingdom.  Isabella loved it. 

Have fun with your first day back to school.  I’ll write to you again on Thursday.

Ps- I’m looking forward to my run on Wednesday morning on Castaway Cay.


RM: 13.25 (Caribbean Beach/ Walt Disney World)
WM: 13.25
TM:  246.6