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Be A Kid Again

The dynamic duo is back again for another year as part of the DFMC Partner program.  The program matches runners with patients in Dana Farber’s Jimmy Fund Clinic.  Brendan and I are excited about our third year together.   Brendan has been healthy and completed his treatment during last year’s marathon season.   Our goal this year is to just… “Be a kid again”.

Brendan has been through a lot battling Leukemia.  On December 30, 2009 his childhood was placed on hold.   It became a world of hospital stays and operations, doctor visits and setbacks, cancer drugs and sickness.  Birthday parties, holidays, and playing in the school yard with friends were placed in the backseat of life.  Healthy again, Brendan has moved back to life he once knew.   Now, when I give him a call to see how things are going, the conversation is full words like “friends”, “video games”, “outside”, and “homework”.

We can be inspired by this.  Our problems might not be as tragic as cancer, but life is full of responsibilities and self-levied pressures.  It keeps us from enjoying some of the fun things in life.  This marathon season I promised myself to find at least few moments to be a kid again.


What is safer? Running a Marathon or Running with Scissors.


Many of my fellow marathoners, triathletes and cyclists were surprised with yesterday’s headline “Marathons may be bad for your health“.   After last weeks story on exercise can be bad for some people, I thought to myself “Am I in a parallel universe?”.   I read a couple articles in leading papers on the study.  Scary words like heart scarring, artery calcium deposits and heart attacks ran wild.  It mentioned iniquitous deeds like running fast, long and often like they were comparable to chain smoking, eating fast food and being a couch potato.

After a got past the media sensationalism and looked deeper, there were some striking findings with the studies.  Enough to make you reevaluate your endurance lifestyle.  If not just because of the physical risks/benefits, but also the emotional, social and intellectual too.

Instead of giving you my options or other writer’s options, read the review article yourself…


MRI Results

Thank you everyone asking about my MRI.  I finally got my results back on Friday.  The doctor said the good news is there were no stress fractures.   The pain I am getting is due to bursitis and tendonitis in my hip.  He said I will be able to run Boston, but should rest and strengthen the area after the marathon.  I was thinking to myself, no problem, triathlon training starts then and I can focus on my swimming and biking.  He also mentioned that I have some wear and tear in my joint and it may start becoming more a problem in future marathons.

I was supposed to wait for the green light from the doctor on the stress fractures before starting physical therapy (and returning to running) but I went ahead and scheduled my first appointment last Saturday.  They have begun an aggressive strengthening program.  One of the physical therapist suggested I not run for the next few weeks.  I told him that’s probably not going to happen.  He asked when I planned on running again.  I said, “Tomorrow”.  He then asked how far.  I replied, “22”.  He shook his head and said, “Runners!?!”.  Since that first meeting, they have had some revenge during their boot camp like sessions.  I don’t ever remember sweating that much during PT.

I still have pain in my hip and mid thigh, but Advil helps.  The next two weeks are the toughest part of my training, peaking on March 23 with a 23 mile run and a 60 mile week.  If I can get through it, it will be all down hill!  I have a solo 22 mile run tomorrow starting at BC and running to Natick and back.  I’m looking forward to it!