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Meet Your Match Party

Hi Brendan,

I had so much fun at the party with you!  I was glad you made it and was able to stay the whole time.   I hope you didn’t wear yourself out too much.  It was nice to finally meet you and your family in person.  Nikki and Isabella had a great time too.  Thank you for getting Isabella the Strawberry Shortcake doll.  She loved it!

Knowing that your appetite has not been there lately I was glad to see you ate a sundae.  It looked really good.  I realized in all of the excitement that I never had one.  I guess I’ll have to treat myself to one later this week.

Which of the 3 group exercises did you like best?  The one where we had to seek out a person in the room and ask as many questions about the person within 1 minute and try to remember, the cup pyramid building or the puzzle making?  I think I liked the puzzle making the best.  It was funny trying to get our “resources” to bring the correct pieces.

I enjoyed the partners who gave their inspiring talk.  Listening to both the young girl and her partner seemed to accentuate the great work Dana-Farber does and how the DFMC and Claudia Adams Barr program helps Dana-Farber continue their pursuit.

After the party, Isabella wanted to ride a train.  So we walked to Kenmore square.  I forget how far it is when you have a little one, but she walked the whole way.  I was very impressed.  Then we aimlessly rode the Green Line to Government Center where we had to get off because the streetcar was going out of service.  We jumped on the E line back to Prudential and grabbed dinner at Legal Sea Foods.  After we got a taxi back to the car and headed home.

Yesterday was a fun day!  I’m looking forward to Wednesday for the big celebration.  I’m keeping my fingers cross that we can skip the reoccurring mid-week storm.

Enjoy Sunday and I’ll talk to you soon.


RM: 15.8 (Chestnut Hill Reservoir Run)
WM: 15.8
TM:  107.75