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Brendan’s Journal

Hi Buddy,

I just checked out your Caring Bridge site again,  I haven’t been their in a while.  Even though I’ve been there many times, I have never noticed all the frogs :).  I like them!   I am going to forward the link to everyone that has been asking about you.  (There is a lot of them!)

Your grandmother told me she is doing the Neponset Valley Walk for Animals in Easton on May 15th.  That’s great!  I’ll have to ask her all about it this afternoon when I see her.

Don’t forget your orange bracelets today.  I’m sure we can get a few donations for you.  I know a bunch a people who want one.



Last Run

Hi Brendan,

I went for my last run before the marathon today.   It’s has to be the strangest run I do all year.  It’s short, about 2 miles.  It is barely enough time to warm up.  I was tempted to go a little longer but I heard the running coaches in my head telling me to take it easy. 

I am looking forward to tomorrow’s party.  We will finally get to see the finished product your marathon poster.  Your giant picture will be on display 🙂   All of them will be displayed at the entrence to the hall. 

I’m can’t wait to find out who the special guest speaker will be.  I guess its a suprise.    It looks like between your family and mine, we will have a full table all to ourselfs. It will be a lot of fun!  

See you then….


Got My Number!

We checked in at registration and I got my number.  I got another bright yellow long sleeve shirt which is great to wear when it’s starting to get dark or the weather is bad.   They also gave me a bright green bag with sticker with my number on it to place on it.   I will need to put all my stuff I’ll need after I finish on Monday in the bag and put it on a bus that will bring it back to Boston.  We only had a few minutes to tour the expo. Maybe we will try to check it out a little more on Sunday while we are here for the pasta dinner.

Cheering Supplies

Thank You

Hi Brendan,

With just a few days away from marathon day, I figured it would be a good time to thank all of the people who have wished the both of us well.  They have provided their time, support, advice, prayers and donations.  Without them I wouldn’t be able to succeed in my fundraising or training.  All of them have express heartfelt interest in you, me and Dana-Farber and I sincerely thank them for this.

Thank you to …..

Bethany and Scott Akins,  Cheryl Banks, Melisa Ball, Bearrunner,  Glenn Bryant,  Jack Fultz,  Dolly and Rich Davis,  Olga DiBlasi,  Mark Donohue, Sheryl Elkins,  Rich Flood, Lynn Freedman, Dianne Fernandes,  Karen Gondoly, Chris Hedkie,  Leslie Hixson,  Jim Hill, Therese Hudson, Deborah Hodgson,  Victoria Gartland, Cathryn Irwin, Susan Kaminski, Karen Kaminski, Millie Ling, Chris and Mary LaCroix, Erica Lubbers, Doreen  and Dwayne Lucas, Tom and Nancy McGuire,  Meghan McGovern, Jim and Tracy McLaughlin, Judith McMahon, Lisa and Bill Miller , Regina McNulty,  Isabel Nadal, Pamela Oakes, Ed an d Nancy (Mom and Dad) O’Neill, Mary and Bill O’Neill, Warren O’Neill, Lainey Pellettier-Ferrante, Lee and Ron Parkinson, Michelle Poulin, Kata Pavlov, John Pavlov,  Elizabeth Pearson, Terry and Jim Pike, Jennifer Pike, Miriam Porter, Carol Potter, John and Kate Quattrucci, Dianne Santos, Craig Savoie, Zachary Slayton, Sara Kinney,  Mike Soha, Ray and Beth West, Shane and Alyssa Wirta, Robert Whitney and to all that I may have missed.

And a special thank you to your mom and dad, Alexis and Scott, and your grandmother, Liz.  They have allowed me into your life for the past few months and have been incredibly supportive in both my training and fundraising efforts.  Along with you, they have given me an unedited view into a young person’s life with leukemia.    The experience has changed me forever.

Lastly, thank you to my family Nikki and Isabella.  They have been there 24/7 for me during these months of training, Dana-Farber events and other marathon commitments.   They have helped me in every possible way.  It’s not easy living with someone who trains for a marathon.  It’s time away from them, shortens family activities and puts more work onto your partner.   They put me first sometimes instead of themselves.   Their words of encouragement kept me on track.  I couldn’t have done it this year without them.

I hope you are still feeling good.  I know how excited you are for this weekend.  I will be picking up my number tomorrow night, and then I get to sit on the couch all day on Saturday (after a quick short run in the morning).  Who is luckier than me?


Going to the Red Sox game tonight!!!

Hi Patrick,
I’m glad you were able to do your long run yesterday, but I’m sorry it was so hard!
I’ve been feeling much better lately and glad to finally be back on chemo again.
I was supposed to go to my mom’s great Aunts wake tonight and then to cubscouts, but one of the residents where we live offered us 4 tickets to tonights Red Sox game vs. the Yankee’s!!! I’ve never been to a Yankee’s game before so I can’t wait. (I still have to go to the wake tonight, but not Cub Scouts.) I hope they win, but it’s fun to go no matter who wins.
I can’t believe the marathon is a week from tomorrow!! It seems like it was so far away, and now it’s almost here. I think the Pasta Party will be really cool too.
I hope you can get in a few more runs before the big day and you feel better soon!!!!
I’ll take some pictures at the game tonight. We have some really good seats in the Pavillion Club!
Talk Soon!

Count Down to Boston

It was 128 days go I found out I would be part of the Dana-Farber Marathon Challenge team, and now there are only 10 days before the marathon!  Can you believe it!?!  The time flew by too fast.

 Next week will be such a great time to be in Boston.  There is definitely a buzz of excitement in the air.   Runners from all over the world will start to come to the city.  Along with friends and family, they will fill the hotels and restaurants,   walk with tourist maps in their hands trying to find Faneuil Hall and ask which train is best to take to get to Fenway Park.  The marathon expo and marathon number pickup will begin on Friday and last all weekend long.   On Sunday there will be pasta dinners happening everywhere, including our own Dana-Farber dinner at the Copley Marriott.

After work yesterday, I was able to go out for my first long in almost 3 weeks .  I ran from Bowdoin to just before Boston College and then took the marathon route back to Bowdoin.   It was great that I was able run that distance again, but I’m not going to lie to you, it was a tough run.  My legs are incredible sore today.    I’m glad I ran it yesterday because it helped me realize I need to rethink my strategy for the next week and the marathon.  I’ll let you know when I figure that one out :). 

I hope this week wasn’t been too rough on you.  Being back on chemo, plus all your other medication and having to go to multiple doctor appointments while trying to get back to school must have made you a little crazy.  I don’t know how you do it.  You have an incredible amount of endurance and strength that Ryan Hall would envy.   Take care and I’ll talk to you soon.