Motivation to Run

I am looking for my running mojo.  Have you seen it?  My 2013 DFMC year been full of starting and stopping.  Sickness, work schedule, life commitments, lack of sleep and now the weather, has been my “motivation” not to run.  For every great week of training, comes two of missed runs and low mileage.  Bad habits of needing music or running on a treadmill because it’s too cold outside have returned.  Am I the same personal the longed for a 12 mile run, on an early morning of February when all I could hear is the swish of my jacket’s cadence with my gait?My funding for Dana-Farber has been mimicking my training.  I haven’t completed my letter or made a full push for donations.  I have to make this a priority.  I’m sure once I do, it will remind me of the reason I am running the Boston Marathon.  It will give me the motivation to run.  I will become my inspiration once again.

John Bingham said, “The miracle isn’t that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start.”  With our self-doubt and sometimes valid excuses, I’d add restarting to the list of miracles too.


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