Off to a Good Start

Completing your first long slow run (LSR) is usually the sign that you have started your marathon season, yet this year it was also the start of my training.  After an unintentional 6 month hiatus from what most runners would consider real training I jumped in feet first with an 8.2 mile run.  If I was giving anyone else advice, I would have said take it slow and get a few runs in first.  I just felt like I need to remember why I need to get my runs in without excuses.  I’ve had many lately.

I will have plenty of help keeping to my training.   My wife Nikki has signed up again for Boston, as well as good friends of ours, Therese and Steve.   The L St Running club and DFMC will be having managed LSRs which is always appreciated.  Bethany has volunteered for the weekends when the schedule doesn’t allow for it.  Speed works will soon begin on Tuesday nights at Tufts.  Lynn and her friends are hooking us up with a water stop during the Hopkinton to BC run in March.  How nice is that!

My season of marathon training will be complemented by the cloud once again.  I am using Training Peaks for my training plan.  Every night it emails my day’s workout and a little peak at tomorrow‘s plan.  The online calendar shows each day’s workouts and highlights the week’s activities, mileage and gives some useful advice.  The Daily Mile allows me an easy way to track my actual mileage.  It works well with my Garmin Forerunner 410 by uploading my run data to the site. Your DM online friends encourage you during your goods and bad workouts. It definately keeps you motivated.   WordPress is my blog of choice to write about running, fund raising, nutrition and other cool stuff.   I’ll be twitting from @Mile25Project this year too.

It appears like I am off to a good start.  Only 13 weeks left, it will go by fast.  It always does.


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