I have tried my best not to talk about the weather in our blog.  Last year I seemed to be commenting on the cold, snowy, icy, foggy weather conditions in every other entry.  This year, Mother Nature made it easy on me, giving us beautiful training weather all season long.  I guess she is getting the last laugh.  Monday’s weather forecast is in the mid 80’s according to the weather channel.  Some of the local weathermen are calling for even higher temperatures.  I know there is plenty of time for that to change for the better and we all know they get it wrong for time to time, but I’m starting to feed into the hysteria that started early this week with other marathon runners.

I don’t mind running in the heat but never this distance .  In 2010, I participated in a ½ ironman with the temperatures approaching 90, and I don’t remember liking the run too much.  However, part of the reason was because I rode the bike leg too fast for me and didn’t have much left for the run.   Needless to say my energy level was shot and I was a wee bit thirsty.

I have planned for this marathon like no other before.  I knew what pace I would be running at what point in the marathon (at least in theory).  I knew when I would be hydrating and when I would be fueling.  Now it’s back to the drawing board.  One good thing for us DFMC runners is we have Jack Fultz as our coach.  He is the winner of the hottest Boston Marathon on record (I wrote about it in last year’s blog    I’m sure he will be giving us some last minute tips during Sunday’s pasta dinner.  I’m also hoping maybe Kelly’s cheering team will be on Heartbreak Hill with a big scoop of some Blue Bell ice cream 🙂 (check out Kelly’s fun and insightful blog and story behind Blue Bell

So bring your beach balls and sunglasses, and don’t forget the sunscreen.  It’s summertime!

(queue music…Will Smith’s Summertime….)



  1. Rick & Bonnie Pearson

    You and your wife are amazing and we do deeply appreciate all your efforts for grandson Brendan!  We will be rooting you on from Commonwealth Ave at Newton City Hall.  We’ll keep an eye out for your very attractive running shoes!!
    Take care-
    Rick and Bonnie

  2. imarunner2012

    I’ll see you out there. I’m running for Children’s Hospital Boston this year. I’m also re-thinking my strategy for the race. A few years ago they had another hot race day and a friend of mine had to drop out. I have never dropped out of a race and I don’t intend to do so this weekend.
    I’m going to post a survey on my blog tomorrow for Boston Marathon runners. It’s brief and should be fun to fill out. I hope to write a short piece about the race and would love to include other runner’s impressions and experiences from the Marathon. If you could let the other runners on your team know about it I would really appreciate it. I tell people my blog sounds like the Stephen Colbert book, “I’m America, and so can you”. imarunnerandsocanyou. Thanks, and see you out there!

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