MRI Results

Thank you everyone asking about my MRI.  I finally got my results back on Friday.  The doctor said the good news is there were no stress fractures.   The pain I am getting is due to bursitis and tendonitis in my hip.  He said I will be able to run Boston, but should rest and strengthen the area after the marathon.  I was thinking to myself, no problem, triathlon training starts then and I can focus on my swimming and biking.  He also mentioned that I have some wear and tear in my joint and it may start becoming more a problem in future marathons.

I was supposed to wait for the green light from the doctor on the stress fractures before starting physical therapy (and returning to running) but I went ahead and scheduled my first appointment last Saturday.  They have begun an aggressive strengthening program.  One of the physical therapist suggested I not run for the next few weeks.  I told him that’s probably not going to happen.  He asked when I planned on running again.  I said, “Tomorrow”.  He then asked how far.  I replied, “22”.  He shook his head and said, “Runners!?!”.  Since that first meeting, they have had some revenge during their boot camp like sessions.  I don’t ever remember sweating that much during PT.

I still have pain in my hip and mid thigh, but Advil helps.  The next two weeks are the toughest part of my training, peaking on March 23 with a 23 mile run and a 60 mile week.  If I can get through it, it will be all down hill!  I have a solo 22 mile run tomorrow starting at BC and running to Natick and back.  I’m looking forward to it!



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  1. Liz Pearson

    Hi Patrick, Sorry to hear about your pain. I had bursitis in my hip really bad a few years ago and a cortisone shot did the trick. It lasted for 6 months. It allowed the swelling to heal. Don’t know if that is an option for you, but thought I’d mention it.

    All my best for a speedy recovery, Liz

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