Are You Ready to Laugh?

Hi Brendan,

I’m sorry you had to had to head back to the Jimmy Fund Clinic today.  I know you are tired of the doctor appointments, medicine, and the side effects that go with it.  I know you want it to be over.  I can never truly understand what you have gone through, and are still going through, but I know in my heart someday this will be a distant memory.

I know something that will make you laugh.  I have been running in Asics’  GT-2110 running shoes  for 6 years.  I’ve own at least 10 pairs.  I was able to buy them on the internet for years.  I even saved a few dollars because they were an older model.  I loved them.  I tried the new version of the shoe but the changes didn’t work for me.  The toe box seem to be smaller and the top of the shoe would rub against my ankle.  I needed to find my new running shoe.

As I walked into Marathon Sports on Tuesday, it was my third time trying to decide what would be my new running shoe.  I wasn’t going to leave without a pair.  I was ready this time because I did my homework.  I picked three different models I felt matched my foot, mechanics and running style.

First up was the Asics Gel-Noosa Tri.  I knew they had a different look, but from what I read, I had a guess I would like them.  From the moment I put them on, they reminded me of my Asics GT-2110s.  I went outside and did a test drive.  They felt really good.  They could be the one.  I liked them a lot but then I looked down at my feet and shook my head.

Next on my list was Saucony’s Progrid Guide 5.  I didn’t have them on for 2 minutes before I knew I couldn’t run in them.  There was a plastic piece going across my small toe and I knew it would bother me.  I looked over at the Asics and thought I better try the other pair.

The last running shoe on my list was the Mizuno Wave Elixir 7.  I really liked how they felt but it was different.  I went for a quick run outside to see how they performed.  I thought they could be a possibility, but I really liked the Noosa more.  They would be an easy choice if it wasn’t for its …uniqueness. Maybe i could like the Mizunos?

I decided to let the sales person recommend some similar options.  We tried Adidas, Nike, and New Balance and two more Asics; seven in all.  I had different shoes on each foot.  I wore my old shoe to get a comparison.  I re-tried shoes.  I was expecting them to ask me to just pick one, any one, please!  The whole time I am thinking, the very first pair I tried on were meant for my feet.  If I could only understand what Asics was thinking (or drinking) when they made them.

I finally realized if I’m looking at my feet while I run, I have bigger problems.  I thank the sales person for his patience and understanding.  I pick my marathon shoes and bring them to the counter.  I know I’ve made the right choice.  To my surprise,  I got 10% off my purchase which makes me feel better on my decision.

I’m sure you want to see which shoes I bought.  Try not to laugh to loud, I might hear you!

Take a Look!

I knew you would find them funny.  Keep your chin up.  You are doing great.  It’s going keep getting easier.

– Patrick



  1. Liz Pearson

    Wow. We will have no problem finding you this year!! Sounds like training is going well. Didu have ur MRI yet? Keep on going. Just a little over a month now!!!

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