Amazing week

Hi Patrick

Hope your enjoying this awesome weather!!! Kinda hope it doesn’t snow this year!! I’m used to the 40’s and 50’s and don’t want it to be cold. I’ve gotten spoiled!

It’s been a busy, crazy few weeks. I had my port and gtube out a few weeks ago, and I’m finally off my steroids. That’s both good and bad. I’m still really tired and now I’m not really interested in food anymore. My mom keeps saying once my body is used to being off all these meds, I’ll get hungrier. I hope she’s right.

My mom sent in an application on Tuesday to see if I can be picked for a room make-over from this local charity called ROOM TO DREAM. We figured it would take some time to hear back from them but we got a call Wednesday afternoon, and the man who runs the foundation and he said it was one of the best applications they had ever gotten and he couldn’t wait to let us know that I was chosen!!!!!!

I get to design my dream room with some designers then they send us to a local hotel on a Friday night till Sunday, then we come home to the big unveiling late on Sunday afternoon. They said it will be 14-16 weeks till they come in so they can design it and get everything all set. I’m so EXCITED!!

We also found out this week that we will be getting a donation from COPS FOR KIDS WITH CANCER. That will really help out till my mom finds a job:) We go tomorrow to the police department to be presented with the donation. Mom says I should play the lottery this week since my luck seems to be unbelievable.

Hope you have  good weather for your training this weekend. Let us know when you want to meet for dinner. (I’m not up to food, but I’m ALWAYS up for KIKUYAMA!!)

I’ll write again this weekend.




  1. Nikki

    Hi Brendan! That is soooo awesome about your room makeover!! Any ideas on a theme?Lego city maybe?! I love it. dont forget to take before and after pictures! I can’t wait to see the finished product!! Looking forward to some quality KIKUYAMA time too! Peace little man…

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