Good Running Week






Hey Brendan,

Sorry it’s been so a bit since my last entry.  I have been pretty busy.

I had a great week of training. I started out the week doing a workout on a Cybex Arc Trainer. I wanted to give my knees and ankles a rest after Sunday’s long run. I have heard it is the closest machine to real running. It was…well, interesting. Not that I didn’t like it, but it was different from using a treadmill or elliptical machine.   I will try to add it to my training schedule, at least a few times.

On Tuesday, I drove to Newton for a hill workout.  I ran from the Newton firehouse to Boston College and back.  I was good that I was able to work some big downhills.  My quads usually take a beating during the marathon because of the amount of downhill running on the course.  This year I want to make sure, I added this type of workout into my training.

I went to the gym on Wednesday so I could run on a treadmill.  My legs were a little sore from the Newton Hill’s and I wanted to make sure I kept a consistent easy pace for my 5 mile run.  It was nice just throwing on my headphones and zoning out for a while.  I did not have to worry about cars, weather or how fast or slow I was running.

Thursday was sort of my speed workout for the week.  It wasn’t about running fast but running at my marathon goal pace.  I started with a slow warm up, and then I tried to keep a 7:55 pace for the next 7 miles.  It is harder than it looks to run a consistent pace, so I use my watch to keep me in check.

Friday was my rest day, which I appreciated.  I tried to stay off my feet as much as possible because I was going to the Father-Daughter dance that evening.  Both girls looked beautiful in their dresses and we had a great time dancing the night way.

The DFMC long run was on Saturday, and I was back in the Newton Hills.  It was 18 miles which looked like it would be in the snow but the best Mother Nature could do was some flurries.  I second guessed myself before the run and added another layer on.  By the first water stop, I was sweating my you know what off.  I asked the (awesome) volunteers if I could drop off some clothing.  They said no problem and even dropped it off back at the starting location.  The rest of the run went very well.  I was even able to pick it up in the last couple of miles with plenty of fuel in the tank when I finished.  The leg felt great too.  It was a perfect run in my book.

Sunday was a short slow run in my neighborhood.  It was cold and windy.   I was glad I wasn’t going to be out in it for long.  I finished the training week with 47 miles  I am following my marathon plan as closely as I can, but I hope this isn’t over doing it?   This week I will be over 50 miles, something I have never done before.  On Saturday, my long run will be a 20 miler on Martha’s Vineyard.  It should be fun (and I’m guessing a little windy).  I can’t wait.

See you soon.



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