Keep That Train a Rollin’

Hi Brendan,

Today was a hard but awesome day for you.  I am still amazed for how courageous you have been during the past two years.  Now the road is cleared so you can move on to a new chapter in your life.  I look forward to seeing life returning to normal for you and your family.

It was a great surprise after today’s surgery you were able to talk to me tonight.  I was thinking I would just get an update from your mom.  It sounds like everything went well. Everyone that I talk with sends their love and wishes for a quick recovery.

I love all this positive news during the past few weeks.  Chemo…done! Port and g-tube..gone!  2 years cancer free…yea!  Pajama day in your honor…awesome!  We need to keep that train a rollin’.

Remember, we need to plan a night to head out to dinner to celebrate as soon as you feel up to it.




One comment

  1. Liz Pearson

    Hi Patrick, Can you believe that Brendan is through with his Leukemia treatment? It seem like this day would never come when he started. I swear he has grown up in the past few weeks, wanting his GTube out, getting the port out & taking his meds orally. He really is a brave kid. I will be sending you some $ when I get my Tax $ back which hopefully will be soon. Looking forward to seeing you and your family!

    You must be so happy with the lack of snow this winter compared to last winter! Keep on running!


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