Good Bye GTUBE

Hi Patrick,

I had a great time at the Meet Your Match Party even though I already knew my match. It was fun playing some of the games. On Tuesday, I went to clinic to check my labs to make sure I’m cleared for surgery on Friday. They need my platelets at 50,000 so of course mine dropped to 49,000!!!! They upped my steroids AGAIN and I have to go back Friday morning at 8:00 to have them checked again. Praying they will let me have my port out.  think I’m going to have a platelet transfusion during surgery if they let me have it at all. I also went to the doctor to see if they can do anything about my bloody noses.They decided they want to take a closer look and do what needs to be done while i’m under anasthesia, so they are suposed to do that too on Friday. As if that wasn’t enough on Tuesday, I also had my GI doctor appointment to switch out my GTUBE with a new one. (they do this every 3 months). While I was there, I asked the doctor what they have to do and she said they just slide it out like they are changing it and it will close over time by itself. I decided I wanted it out and I have been really good about eating and taking my meds, so they spoke to my oncologist and out it came!!! Now if I can get the port out, I will really be DONE! ( except for my antibiotic for the next 6 months, and my follow up blood tests that I wil always have..)

Today on channel 7 & 25, they did a story about a 9 year old girl who just went home after having a 6 organ transplant 9 months ago due to her cancer, Well she was my first roommate at Children’s the day I was diagnosed. It was great to see her doing so well. It makes me sure if she can over come THAT, then I will be fine!

Hope you got in some good runs this week. The weather was great! My school honored me yesterday for all I have been through. The whole schol sang to me and gave me some balloons and a cake. They also made posters of me to put in ALL the classrooms of me with Lance Armstrong! It was pretty cool. Today they held a Pajama day in my honor and in honor of World cancer day which is Friday and Saturday. All the kids wore pins with my picture on it! Today is also my 2 year anniversary of remission! Hard to believe it’s been 2 years. Only 3 years to go and I will be considered “cancer-free”! Wish me luck tomorrow that I can get this port out! !! I’ll update soon!



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