Meet Your Match Party

Tennis Ball Scrabble

Brendan, his Mom (Alexis), and I went to the Dana-Farber Marathon Challenge Patient Partner “Meet Your Match” Party.  We had a lot of fun.  After our fill of ice cream sundaes and chocolate chip cookies it began with a talk from one of the pediatric patients, RJ.  He gave a great overview of his experience in the program as well as shared his dream to go be a sportscaster for WEEI some day.

DFMC’s friends from Project Adventure (event planners) help get everyone acquainted this year.  We started with trying to get in sync with our partners by playing Rock, Paper, Scissors.  Instead of trying to beat each other, the object was to pick the same handsign.  A little later, everyone had to pick someone to play against.  If you lost, you needed to follow that person to the next “shoot-off”.  Each time gaining more followers, until there is just two people left with many people cheering them on.  Just my luck, I made it to the finals.  It was best 2 out of 3.  It turned into best 2 out 7 thanks to a bunch of ties.  To the thrill of Brendan and my other many followers, we were victorious.  I didn’t know I was such a expert in Rock, Paper, Scissors!

Now that we were up and moving, we continued with a “get to know people” exercise.  Brendan and I were given 5 picture cards.  Each card was for a different topic such as trees, animals and people.  A topic would be called and we would have to find people who didn’t have the same card.  For example, we had a maple tree, so we needed to find people who had oaks, birches, and sycamores.  Then each of us would have to answer a question about ourselves.

We moved onto to a type of Charades.   A person in our group (Brendan) had to go get a card that had a word he had to act out.  Brendan did a great job acting out the words.  It was us at the table that had trouble thinking of answer.  His last word was lazy, which of course we didn’t get.  I told Brendan he should have just pointed at all of us.

Last was a tennis ball and hula hoop version of scrabble.   Our table had a plan.  No one would think of the word TACO.  The only problem with that plan is we weren’t given any of the letters to make “TACO”.  We tried to make a new word our of the letters that we were given.  For round 2, we needed a 5 letter word.  We were given the points for a certain type of letter.  I think the only thing our table remembered, was the letter Q had the most point value.  I think the word we were going for was Quiet or something beginning with the letters “Qu”, but even with a best effort we couldn’t get a “Q” or a “U”.  When time was up we didn’t have a word.  At least it wasn’t an english word.  Round 3 task was to make a compound word with the help from your neighbor’s table.  We new we had to finish strong so we went for style points.   Our word was to be “Dana-Farber”.  It was a hit and a photo attraction.

We finished the event with big smiles.  We met a lot of wonderful new people and looked forward to seeing everyone at the poster party in March.  Hopefully Brendan and I will see each other before then.  I’m sure we will because Brendan has a lot to celebrate this month!


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