DFMC Fundraising Letter

Hi Brendan,

I haven’t talked to you since last week.  Did you tell your Mom and Dad about our “media event” in March?   Are they up for it?  How excited are you about getting your last round of chemo?  I am so happy for you.  Your marathon finish line is in site!

Well, I finally finished my fundraising letter.  DFMC likes for us to get the letter out early, but I always seem to put it off.  I never know what I am going to write about, so I just start typing and then see what it looks like.  I have to say, I like this year’s letter.  I decided to talk about our time together last year.  It was an inspiring moment and I hope it will inspire others.  Take a look and let me know know you think. 

 – Patrick


One comment

  1. jamievictoriatomc

    I love your letter. It actually brought tears to my eyes…really moving, honest, and from the heart. A favorite line of mine:

    It is how I can do my little part kicking cancer’s ass down the streets of Hopkinton, past Wellesley College, up Heart Break Hill, by Kenmore square until I reach the finish line on Boylston, then saying, “See you next year!”

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