Mile 25

I started a newsletter that I will be sending out once a month as part of my DFMC fundraising.  I left it was a good way to communicate with everyone.  It is also a good way to remind people about donating.  Many people have good intentions to give but then it gets shuffled to the bottle of a pile because life is just so busy.

I called it Mile 25 because it’s such an important mile during the marathon.  I wrote a few entries in last year’s blog talking about Kenmore Square, the Citco sign and the last mile, but the biggest reason is it is where I know Brendon will be along with many other DFMC partners.  It is such an inspiration place along the marathon.  I’m tired, sore and ready to stop running, but after a quick stop full of sweaty hugs and high fives, I’m recharged.

Today I ran with the L St Running Club.  It was a beautiful but cold 14 mile run through the Blue Hills.  I stuck with my training plan and made sure I kept my pace slow. I’m surprised how good I felt after 41 miles this week.  Monday starts a new training week.  It will be a recovery week, which makes me very happy.

I’m looking to Thursday.  Brendan begins his final round of chemo.  Yea!!  Sounds like a great excuse to go to Kiku Yama.


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