Yuck is the best way to describe today’s run.   It was cold, wet and windy 8 mile run.  I was drenched within just a few minutes.  It was raining hard and sideways.  I was able to find a good size puddle to step in, so that took care of my feet from staying dry.  I had a 12 mph headwind with gusts up to 25 mph.  Did a paint a pretty picture?

The first time I left to go for my run, I had a little problem with my running watch, the Garmin Forerunner 410.  The watch is touch activated which in dry conditions is very convenient.  When its wet, it gets confused.  The rain kept turning features of my watch on and off.  Then finally turned on a compass feature that I’ve never used and didn’t know how to shut off.  I went back into the house a little grumpy. 

This training season I rely heavily on my watch because most of my workouts are all about pace.  Especially today’s workout, in which the plan was to warm up for the first mile, run my marathon pace for the next 6, and slow down for the last mile.  I definitely needed my watch to work.

I pulled out a snack bag that we use for my daughter’s lunches.  It seemed to the perfect size to provide protection from the elements.  I cut a slit in each end the slip the band through the holes.  I made sure I could still use the watch with the plastic covering it.   Finally put it on my wrist and headed outside into the rain.  It worked great.  I guess I’ll have to use snack bags until Garmin decides to send me the new Forerunner 610 which solves this problem.

You might think I’m a little crazy (and maybe I am) but i feel it is important to train in this type of weather.   We have no idea what mother nature will grace us with on Marathon Monday.  April weather in New England, it is so unpredictable!  We can have snow, a nor’easter, or a heatwave. (click the links to see for yourself)  If marathon monday is the first time you run in bad weather conditions, then I’m afraid you will have a miserable time of it.  The positive side of running in bad weather?  You will appreciate the perfect beautiful sunny, cool, tailwind running days even more.



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