I’m Proud of You


That was so cool!  I didn’t see it on the news but I went to the website to watch it.  Here is a link to Fox 25 article and video.  I thought it was a great piece.  I think a told everyone I know to watch it.

I’m very proud of what you did for the children on the Oncology ward.  I am sure every one of them were thankful.  Having them see someone who is going through what they are going through is inspiring and full of hope.  You are such a great kid!

I can’t wait until to hear how you make out on Thursday and the big news!



One comment

  1. Patrick

    Hi Brendan, It’s Nikki replying from Patrick’s account.

    Patrick showed me and told me all about your beam and the story on Fox25 news! HOW AWESOME! To know that you (your name) will always be there “supporting” (on the iron beams that support the hospital) where other kids fighting the same fight you are fighting!
    I loved hearing about your family tradition of going to the hospital on NYE…I can picture you 25 years from now maintaining that same tradition as an adult…

    I love how you and Patrick have developed such a bond…without taking away anything from that, I want you to know that you inspire me too and when I’m out there “..kicking Cancers’ you-know-what all the way from Hopkinton to Boston” I’m doing it in your honor too! Stay Strong little man! BIG HUGS, Nikki

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