They mentioned my beam on FOX 25!

Tonight Fox 25 did a news story on the new addition being built onto Children’s Hospital. They showed the beam with my name on it 3 times and said my name once! It was really cool.

I have been feeling pretty good even though I’m on constant steroids again this month. I sometimes get a little short-tempered, but it doesn’t last too long. I’m eating alot more and haven’t had my feeds (feeding tube) in about a month! I also have more energy than I have in a LOOONG while.

Next Thursday when I go to Clinic to start my next cycle, the doctors should be telling us when my last cycle will be starting. There is even a chance my next cycle might be my last! So hard to believe!!!

On December 30th, my 2 year Anniversary of my diagnosis, I went with my mom and Dad to Children’s Oncology ward to deliver gifts to the kids who would be spending New Years in the hospital like I did. It really made me feel good to do something for the kids there. This was our second year doing this so it’s officially our family TRADITION.

I’m very excited to have Patrick running again for me this year. It was great to get to know you and your family this past year! This is another Tradition i’ve really enjoyed. I can’t wait till Marathon Monday!!!!!!!

I hope everyone had a nice New Years!!


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