Running Again

After a false start on Friday, I was finally able to get back to running today.  I really had no excuse yet I gave myself many of them this morning.  I looked at my clock and it read 4:45.  I headed down stairs to get something to drink.  My calves ached from the lack of training with each step.  Boy, do I need to start stretching again!  I was pretty tired getting only 4 hours of sleep.  I thought to myself I should try to sleep a little more and run later, but then I turned on the weather channel and saw it was 45F with no wind….in January.  I got my running gear together and then I heard my 5 month old crying in her crib.  I pick her up and we rock in the chair until she drifts back to sleep.  I quietly ask her if she just did not want daddy to leave for my run while I put her back in her crib.  She didn’t answer me.

I lost my mojo and sat on the couch.  I channel surf off WTC until I land on a documentary about the 2008 US Women’s Eight Rowing team.  Coxswain Mary Whipple lead the woman to something the US has not been able to do since 1984, win the gold medal in Coxed Eights.  Watching the replay of the winning race and hearing Mary yell a few f-bombs to get her crew motivated, was all I needed to finally get my ass moving.

I began my run with a mantra I am sure some of you have used before, “This is gonna suck”.  I was anticipating something bad was going to happen, but after a few minutes, it was business as usual.  I did not want to bring my watch but I did anyway to keep myself from picking up my pace.  That did not turn out to be a problem.  Let us just say I had a nice slow run. 

I told myself that I was going out for a 5K but then proceeded to do the Mill St run which is 4.25 miles.  Towards the end of the run, I started figuring out where I should go to extend the run.  I felt like I should be running more miles because I have a plan and my schedule is now off by at least 8 days.  I hear John “Mac” McDermott advice in my head.  “No junk miles.  Do your homework.  Take it easy.  Maintain.”  With that, I take a right onto Britton and head home.  

Today was not about miles.  It was about running again.  The maintenance will come.  Tonight I will do my homework and readjust my workouts for the next week or so.  I will mentally take it easy as I look forward to running tomorrow.


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