Slow Start

I have come to realize that training for this year’s Boston marathon is going to be quite different and a little more difficult from years past. There are two great reasons for it: a 5 month old baby girl and a very motivated wife who is running her first marathon with Dana-Farber.

I started three weeks ago to get a jump start on training for the marathon which usually does not start until the first week of January. I never thought it would turn into a training on ”training for the marathon”. I have only been able to get out for a run 2 to 3 times a week. This will become a real problem if it continues so I have decided to identify reasons why I am missing my runs and try to fix them.

Not Enough Sleep – Lately I have been too tired to get out of bed early to go out for a run. Sometimes I am just getting back to bed when the alarm is going off. Knowing that the baby is going to get up during the night, I need to be better at getting to bed at an early hour. Over the next few months, she should begin to sleep throughout the night which will also help.

Scheduling Runs – With two of us training for a marathon, scheduling runs will be important. We will not be able to run together too because of the kids. You would think shorter runs would be easier to schedule than the longer runs but they are not. They are more often and done during the work week. We will create a schedule next week that will give us a plan enabling us to complete our weekly training.

Eating Poorly – My eating habits for past 3 weeks have been horrible. Between my work, long commutes, family and the holidays, I have not had the time to prepare meals, which means eating a lot of overly processed package foods or take out. I have to make better choices and find time to cook natural, wholesome foods.

The Holidays – The good news is that the holiday season is almost over. I enjoy this time a year, but it definitely affects my training. I am starting to see why January is a good time to start.

This seems to be a good start. Making these changes will give me the energy and time to have an enjoyable and successfully training season. I think I will do this again in 8 weeks to see if I slipped or added anything new to my list.


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