I’m Ready

I went out for my first long run on Sunday to start the being of my marathon training. It gave me some time to reflect on last year and what I can do better for 2012.  A marathoner’s goal each year is to improve upon last year’s results.  It’s easy to just look at 2010’s finishing time, 3:51:39 and compare it to 2011’s of 3:48:37. Anyone can see it’s was 3 minutes and 2 seconds faster.  I could stop there, but does running faster make you a better runner? 

I revisited my training regimen.  I definitely trained harder, had more miles and better constancy.  I ran 5 – 6 days a week but in the end, I injured my leg and pretty much had limited or no training for the 4 weeks leading up to the marathon.  The run was confusing, mismanaging my pace and underestimating my leg pain that I faulted at mile 23.  There is room for improvement here with a goal of an injury free season.

As I continued my run, I tried to figure out why last year seemed to be my best season.   I was so focused on the marathon and the running, I forgot about the biggest influence of all, Brendan and the DFMC team.   Very quickly, Brendan put a face to the Dana-Farber story.   He gave me a look into the life of a child with cancer.  I started to see the impact it causes to Brendan and his family.  That was what changed me and my running forever.

Marathon running is a selfish sport.  There is a lot of alone time.   It’s difficult to share unless you know another runner planning on the same marathon who has same pace with a similar training schedule.    For a brief moment, I thought of not running Boston this year.  I’ve run it 3 years in a row, and there are other marathons I’d like to experience.  I’ve yet to qualify, so that meant another year of fund raising.   Not training in the winter months is appealing too.

I will run because Boston was no longer about me anymore.  It was about Brendan, It was about Dana-Farber.  It was about doing my little part of kicking cancer’s ass down the streets of Hopkinton, past Wellesley College, up Heart Break Hill, by Kenmore square until I reach the finish line on Boylston. 

I finished up Sunday’s run renewed and looking forward to the coming months.  Bring on the cold, the snow, the dark early morning runs, the letter writing, and the fundraising.  I want it all.  I’m ready.


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