Day After

Hi Brendan,

How are you today?  I bet you are a little wiped out after this busy weekend.  Thank you so much for being there for me yesterday.   You were at a perfect spot, Mile 25.  I was pretty wiped by that point.  When I stopped to see you, it re-energized me for the last mile.  I was just what I needed.  I glad that you were able to head over the marriott after the marathon.  It was nice that we got to hang out for bit.

Today my legs were pretty sore.   The only thing I dreaded more than going up stairs was going down stairs.  I was going to hop a few trains heading home tonight so I wouldn’t have to walk far, but then I though the walk might do me good.   So I walked my usual mile walk to South Station.  I wasn’t alone.  I noticed two other day-after runners have some trouble walking too.  We gave each other a sympathy wave as we passed.

Good luck with all your appointments this week and I’ll see you later this week at Kiku Yama for our celebration dinner.



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