Lions, Tigers and ….Giraffes?

Hey Partner,


Well I’m very glad that the tiger didn’t make you his afternoon snack!   That must have been a bit unnerving.  After that I think I would have told them it’s time to go see the new anteater exhibit, enough with the man-eating animal.   It’s great you got to feed the giraffes.  Your grandmother told all about how much you liked giraffes after I wrote the My Morning Run entry back in January.   How cool was it to be standing next to a creature that tall?   

Are you still eating?  I know how tough it is for you.  Any time you want to head back to Kiku-Yama just let me know.  We’ll get you a pile of the shrimp I saw you digging into on Tuesday night.    I liked that dish too.   I think I’ll be getting next time we go.

I got out for my first run today since March 22.  It went ok.  Slow and steady.  But don’t worry, we will be doing the marathon.  I wouldn’t miss it.  Not even a hungry tiger will stop me.  (Actually it might make me run faster!)  We got 2 weeks; plenty of time. 

I need something really important from you, partner.  I need one of your orange Brendan’s Buddies bracelets.  I’m going to wear it during the marathon. 

I just looked at the clock.  It’s late, so you won’t see this tonight because hopefully you are sleeping.  I hope you are feeling a little better.  I know you got yet another busy day seeing doctors, so I’ll give you a call late in the afternoon to see how you made out.   




  1. Liz

    Hi Patrick,

    So glad to hear that you think you will be running the Marathon. I was worried for you. Isn’t that so strange about the lion? Kind of scary for Brendan.

    I’m looking forward to seeing you run on the 18th and of course the spaghetti dinner too! See you soon.


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