A Little Setback

Hey Brendan,

Good luck!  I know it’s a big day for you today.  You have your science fair as well as your blood work to see if you can start chemo again.  I’m sure both will go well.  I can’t wait to hear how everyone loved your project.   I’ll have to remember to tell Isabella about it.  I’m sure she will agree with your results.

Well, I’ve gone 14 months injury free but my luck ran out today.  I have an adductor (groin) strain.  That’s a new injury for me.  Most of my running issues are from the calf down.   It’s not too serious (I think) and shouldn’t keep me from the marathon but my training might be on hold for a bit.  I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow morning.  Not that he will be able to do anything but after examining the injury, he will tell me what I can and cannot do over next few days (or weeks).

I’m calling your mom after 4pm to get your results, so maybe I’ll be able to talk to you then.  Take care.


RM: 1.5
WM: 24.5
TM: 350.0


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