Knights of Columbus Charity 5 Miler

Hey Brendan,

How was your weekend?  I am so relieved that your biopsy results from the bone marrow aspiration came back negative.  I’m crossing my fingers next week’s levels will be good enough for you to start chemo again.  I’m sure these past couple of weeks has been rough on you.  Things will start to get better!

I’m looking forward to the Poster Party on Saturday.  It should be a lot of fun. We will have to make sure it is very colorful so I can pick it out easily at Mile 25.  I’m sure having a great big picture of you in the middle of it will help too.  You, think?

Today I ran the Knights of Columbus Charity 5 Miler in Raynham.  I figured I could run the course twice to get at least 10 miles into today. It was a little short of the 14 mile run I was supposed to do with L St, but this week I was pretty sore and tired.  Except for some rain the second time around it was a good run. Here were the results.

I know you be heading back to school after a week off.  I hope it goes well. 


RM: 10.0
WM: 10.0
TM:  305.00

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