Hopefully Today Will Be A Better Day

Hi Brendan,

How are you today?  Thank you taking me to the Jimmy Fund Clinic with you for your treatments today.  I appreciated it more than you know.

I am very sorry to hear about your friend that passed away this week.  I know that is very sad.  I loved how much you smiled and laughed when you mom told everyone the story how the first time you met his mom you were at the hospital.  While playing with a small remote helicopter it got caught in her hair and everyone was afraid they would have to cut her hair to get it out.

I am sorry that your Parvo test came back positive again.  I saw how disappointed you were.  I know you were hoping for the third negative you needed so you wouldn’t have to be in isolation while at the clinic.  I will come to more of your treatments to help past the time while we building Legos.  You will have to show me the one you didn’t have time to work on today.

Once again, you showed me how you are such amazing person.   The courageous way you approached each procedure, the mature manner you spoke to the doctors and nurses and the knowledge you expressed as you help explain to me about your treatments has humbled me.  I cannot truly understand what you have to go through but over the past months you have allowed me to understand a little bit more.

I am amazed at how much you accomplish with such a positive attitude each week.  I’m sure this is “normal” for you but for me it’s just crazy. Hopefully I’m not missing too much but your week is full of school, tutoring, physical therapy, chemo, trips to multiple doctors, medications, procedures, medications for the medications, and hopefully some play time too.  And you do all this usually on just one meal a day because you have no appetite.  Many people can learn a lesson from you.

Your mom and dad are pretty special people too.  I see how much they love you.  I also see how much they have given themselves to the one thing in the world that want, and that’s a healthy you.

I’m crossing my fingers that your numbers came back good enough to continue chemo today. I’ll check in later for an update. 

Hopefully today will be a better day. 



RM: 0.0
WM: 26.15
TM:  289.75


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