More Chemo holds…

Hi Patrick,

Well I hope you are having a great time in florida and getting to do some running in the nice, warm, snowless streets. They keep promising it’s going warm up but I’m not sure they are right. It will be awesome once all this snow is finally gone!!

I had a great time in Florida with my mom and dad . It was a little chilly in the mornings but warmed up nicely in the afternoons. I got to meet my Great Aunt Debby, my cousin Jessica and her daughters Kendall and Avery while I was at the Magic Kingdom. It was so nice to meet them and they are actually coming to Boston next week!! I also got to see my grandfather who lives down in Florida and one of my mom’s friends from high school and her husband and kids. We spent the day at Epcot with my mom’s friend and her family. While we were walking through the world showcase,(well I was in a wheelchair, not walking) my mom’s friends husbands phone rang and Ray said it was for me. When I got on the phone, I was surprised to be talking to JOHN CENA, the wrestler!!! He is good friends with my moms friends and knew we were going to be together so he called to say Hi and see how I was doing. It was really cool.

I went to Universal studios also which was so much fun.I’ve never been there before. I LOVED Harry Potter World and the Simpsons ride. Twister was really fun too. Even though I was kind of sick with belly issues while I was in Florida, I had a great time!!!

Somehow this is the second week in a row my numbers weren’t good enough to get chemo, and the third time in the past 4 weeks. On the upside, I’m feeling pretty good and I finally got a negative result on my Parvo test for the first time last week and my mom is pretty sure this weeks and hopefully next weeks tests will also be negative since I haven’t had steroids in a while. Maybe I will finally be off isolation and not have to wear a mask when I go to the poster party in two weeks.

I haven’t done too much in the past few weeks since I’ve been home from Florida. It’s just been too cold and my mom wants me to rest some so maybe my numbers will be better next week and hopefully I can get my chemo again.

I hope you had as much fun on your trip as I did on mine. You’ll have to tell me how the cruise ship was!! Once my mom figures out how to download her pictures to the new computer, I’ll post some pictures.

Well, thats all for now. I’ll post again soon!!

Talk soon,



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