Paddy Kelly Road Race

Brockton - Observation Tower

Observation Tower at Mile 1

Hey Partner,

Miss the snow yet?  Probably not, because you are having so much fun on your vacation. 

Don’t worry; I didn’t slack off because you are out of town… even though I did skip the L Street run yesterday.   The schedule called for a “short” long run, 12.5 miles, so I decided to change things up a bit.  I woke up and went for an easy 5 mile run.  An hour later I headed over to Brockton to run the Paddy Kelly 5 Mile road race.   It’s good to sign up for a race every once in a while.   It’s different than a normal training run.  You’re out there with a bunch of people trying to run their personal best.  You push yourself a little bit harder.   It went well but it didn’t turn out to be a new PR for me.   I’ll have to try another one later in the year and maybe skip the prerace run.   

They had a party afterwards and I got to talk to a few of the runners and watch the award ceremony. The winner ran it in 27:13.  That’s really fast!    They also had 8 runners over 70 years old.   I hope to be one of them thirty years from now.   Here are the overall results.

Keep smiling and having a good time!


RM: 5.0 (Paddy Kelly)
WM: 10.0
TM:  171.35


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