My Morning Run

I wake up and look at my clock on my nightstand, 3:39 a.m.  I think to myself, “Good another 1 ½ hours of sleep”.
… 4:05 a.m. …
… 4:51 a.m. …
… 5:04 a.m. …
… Beep, beep, beep, slap!
… 5:15 a.m.

I skipped getting my running clothes together the night before which makes for chaotic morning.  I search through draws and baskets hoping to find at least one pair of socks.   Upstairs and downstairs I run looking for hats, gloves and running shoes.   I remember today is a longer run and I should bring a drink with me.  Thank goodness my wife is very organized or finding my water bottle would have taken another 5 minutes.  It’s starting to feel like yesterday’s stressful day is sliding into today.

Finally, I out the door.  I take off running and realize its dark out.  It dark every morning I run, but this time it’s different.  It’s dark and fuzzy!  Oh yes, I didn’t grab either my glasses or put in my contact lens.   I figure I’ll be fine without them today.  It’s not the first time I ran without seeing well.  Plus, it took me so long to get out the door today.   I didn’t want to turn around.  But a few yards later, I checked pockets of my jacket and it is empty.  My water bottle is sitting on the counter.  So I am now heading back to the house to get my glasses, drink and a quick check to see if my head is attached. 

It’s been almost 30 minutes since I started this process and I’m still on my street.  I am grumpy, tired and a little bit cold.  There is a conversation going on in my brain on why I like running and hear the words “sane people are still in bed warm and sleeping”.

I finally lift my head up after the last ½ mile of looking at the ground and see a beautiful picturesque scene.   Just above the horizon, I saw it; a large, luminous full moon.  It was casting shadows of the trees and houses in the glistening snow below.   It was like someone was lighting the way for just me, as all my angst from moments ago disappear.

The morning was especially still.   There was no breeze and very few cars even for that time in the morning.  All I could hear was my gait as the arms of my jacket swished back and forth.  It was peaceful.  I found myself looking at places I’ve run by and ignored countless times before.

When I got to North Main St,   the moon had returned.  It was just above the old farm houses as it hid their age.  In the southern sky was one lonely bright star.  Too bright to be a star; a planet I thought.  Later I found out that it was Saturn. 

At mile 5, I stopped for a moment for a drink of Powerade.  I was glad I turned around earlier to get it.  It also gave me the opportunity to be mindful of the moment.    I took a quick 180’ view and started back home.

When I got to King Philip’s Hill, it was kind of a symbolic moment.  When I reached the top, the sky was somewhere lost between the night and the day.  As a ran down the hill, the moon headed for the horizon on my left as the sun’s light peaked out on my right.

By the time I got on to Rt 138, the world was awake.  Cars buzzed by, as their drivers headed to work with coffee in hand.   I felt bad for them as I picked up my pace to match theirs.   For they have no idea that they missed a beautiful morning.

I finished at sunrise and sat on my front porch.  Something I don’t normally do.  Well, not in the wintertime anyway.  I reflected on my run thinking it was gift.  At that moment, I looked down at the clear walkway that has been covered in snow for weeks, and I noticed a shiny gold giraffe which looked like it was some type of confetti.  I smiled.  Giraffes are the symbol for vision; to see things in a different light.

  Yup, that’s why I run.


RM: 9.25 (White St “Moonlit” Run)
WM: 29.35
TM:  59.6



  1. liz

    WOW, what a beautiful blog today. You have quite a way with words! So funny you mentioned giraffe’s. That is Brendan’s favorite animal. He had a few stuffed ones as a little kid, and I’m sure he still does. Have a safe run tomorrow!


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