I can’t wait to meet you in person too!  I RSVP’d to the DFMC Meet Your Match Party earlier today.  Your mom and dad should have received their invite earlier this week.  I hope you like Ice Cream sundaes like I do because that’s what there feeding us!

I didn’t know many of the procedures and drugs that you talked about.   I had no idea the amount of processes that needed to be done all at once.   I went on to the Dana-Farber website to educate myself and look up some definitions.  Here were some of the terms:

Intrathecal Chemotherapy
Emla Cream

Brendan, I’m in awe with your strength and endurance with such a positive attitude.  I wish you all the best tomorrow.  You will be in my thoughts all day.    



One comment

  1. Liz Pearson

    Hi Patrick,

    Glad your running is going well. Be extra careful with all the snow and blind spots. Cars have a hard time seeing around all the snow banks. I think this blog is such a wonderful idea for you and Brendan. I really enjoy reading all that is going on. I know you will inspire each other, you with your training, him with his various things, i.e. physical therapy, all his treatments…

    Take Care, Liz

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