Sunday in January

I always look forward to this Sunday in January.   It marks the beginning of marathon season, well at least in Boston.    At times, I wonder why I actually get excited for it?  It means my week days that are already packed full with work deadlines, commuting gridlock, desperately finding quality family time, and those pesky home owner responsibilities will need to make room for my training.  Hmmm,  I guess the alarm will just get set a couple of hours earlier.  But the truth is, I do love it.   To many of you, it may seem insane, but for those of you that have your running gear at the foot of your bed  you get what I mean.

Today was officially my first day of training for the 2011 Boston Marathon.  I am running with the L St running club again this year.   They have a great group of people running they club who are committed to making me and the other members succeed and I thank them for it.   They provide a lot of self confidence to novice and veteran runners alike.

Week 1 Long Run

RM: 11.5 (Hilltop Street / Adams Street)
WM: 11.5
TM:  11.5


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